Are companies getting worse at QA testing?

Melissa Perri posed this question on Twitter: Aaron Hodder had a great response on Linkedin: He talks about how companies are giving up on manual testing in favor of automation. Definitely worth the read. My response about the ramifications of automation vs manual testing (it doesn't have to be either / or): There … Continue reading Are companies getting worse at QA testing?


Looking for a Tester with GoLang experience

I was just talking with a recruiter looking for a QA engineer with experience using Go programming language for testing. While Go is gaining popularity - especially among systems application developers (for example, Docker is written in Go) and for developing microservices, not a lot of testers have much experience with Go. That's because Go … Continue reading Looking for a Tester with GoLang experience

An Asynchronous Test Runner?

Here's a conversation on LinkedIn talking about which programming language you should choose for a test framework -- including comments about how automated tests are inherently synchronous (which I agree with) and why someone would write an asynchronous test framework in, for example JavaScript. Vikas Mathur Typically, programming language for test automation can be … Continue reading An Asynchronous Test Runner?

When should you use JavaScriptExecutor in Selenium?

When you want to execute JavaScript on the browser :) This was my answer to a question on Quora JavaScriptExecutor is an interface that defines 2 methods: in Java (and similarly in C#): Object executeScript(String script, Object... args) and Object executeAsyncScript(String script, Object... args) which take as an argument a string representing the JavaScript … Continue reading When should you use JavaScriptExecutor in Selenium?

Scheduling tests to monitor websites

If you have access to your crontab you can set a Selenium script to run periodically. If you don’t have cron, you can use a VM (with Vagrant) or Container (with Docker) to get it. Cron is available on Linux & Unix systems. On Windows, you can use Task Scheduler. On Mac, there is launchd, … Continue reading Scheduling tests to monitor websites

Acceptance Criteria Presentation

A few weeks ago I gave a presentation about acceptance criteria and agile testing to a team of developers I'm working with. Some of the developers were familiar with agile processes & test driven development, but some were not. I introduced the idea of behavior driven development, with both rspec "it should" and gherkin "given/when/then" … Continue reading Acceptance Criteria Presentation

Are you suffering from vague specifications?

I was reading a comment on the  QA & Test Management Solutions group on LinkedIn this morning.  There was a question with a pain we've all felt as testers. Are you suffering something similar? Software specifications with "maybe can do...." or "It coud be located there or maybe there" are not specific at all. If … Continue reading Are you suffering from vague specifications?

Running NUnit tests programmatically

I'm working on a test framework that needs to be run by less-technical testers. The tests are data driven from a spreadsheet (google docs spreadsheet API + gdata.) Tests will be run locally (for now at least) since there isn't a test lab available for remote execution, and no CI. I didn't want to have … Continue reading Running NUnit tests programmatically