Tonga volcano eruption felt in Fiji

I was shocked and saddened to hear of the destructive volcanic eruption in Tonga. And while international news has concentrated on possible tsunami effects thousands of miles away in Japan or California, my thoughts and prayers go out to the people of the South Pacific islands, especially Fiji where I lived and have friends. It … Continue reading Tonga volcano eruption felt in Fiji

Security. Quality. Simplicity.

Logging should be simple. Probably simpler than it is. The recent spate of Log4j vulnerabilities demonstrates that. What else in your tech stack is over-engineered or exposed? Your quality and security strategy should be: How can we simplify?Can we simplify without losing features?Will simplifying actually improve features and usability? #security #quality #simplify

Frozen New Year 2022

Looks like we’ll be welcoming the new year 2022 without water. Subzero temperatures and a well mean our water pipes have frozen tonight on December 31, 2021. It may be a few days before we can thaw them enough to get water running again.

An Asynchronous Test Runner?

Here's a conversation on LinkedIn talking about which programming language you should choose for a test framework -- including comments about how automated tests are inherently synchronous (which I agree with) and why someone would write an asynchronous test framework in, for example JavaScript. Vikas Mathur Typically, programming language for test automation can be … Continue reading An Asynchronous Test Runner?

I keep confusing Peter Dinklage and Peter Mayhew

Here is Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca in Star Wars: Here is Peter Dinklage as Tyrian in Game of Thrones: While there is some passing similarity (besides the name) -- perhaps in the way they groom their hair, or maybe a bit in the way they walk. But Peter Mayhew is 7'3". Peter Dinklage is 4'5". … Continue reading I keep confusing Peter Dinklage and Peter Mayhew

On Productivity: Ducks & Chickens

Sometimes you produce more. Sometimes you produce less. We got 2 ducks who didn't start laying eggs until this fall. Since then, they've been laying pretty consistently. Here is their output for the past two days: The shiny eggs are from today. Every once in a while we get a giant -- double sized -- … Continue reading On Productivity: Ducks & Chickens

Blog Stats by Country and Over Time

I've recently started blogging regularly again, but it's been several years since I gave it much attention. A recent blog redesign with a new theme -- and *finally* a code formatting plugin that I like helps it to look better. I'm also taking time to put posts in the right categories and add meaningful tags … Continue reading Blog Stats by Country and Over Time

How to get cryptocurrency prices using Python (and various tools)

Here's another post based on a question from Quora: Can I export the contents of an HTML table to Excel or MySQL via Selenium/Python? No, you can’t export a table from HTML to Excel or MySQL using Selenium with Python. But you’re in luck! You just asked the wrong question. It’s like if you had … Continue reading How to get cryptocurrency prices using Python (and various tools)

A story of performance optimization and refactoring

Optimizing string to date format conversion in Go? Faster TIme Parsing in Go - a story in 3 acts - by Phil Pearl at Ravelin A great story of performance refactoring and profiling. But why go to the effort? Well, when you process billions of records in a NoSQL database and you made a decision … Continue reading A story of performance optimization and refactoring

Bitcoin doesn’t work – and what can we do about it?

Bitcoin doesn’t work. Two problems: Technical - Blockchain doesn’t scale.Social - Why should Bitcoin believers (and speculators) profit at the cost of everyone else. If Bitcoin was the solution then there would be no need of the FOMO. Everyone could adopt it when it is stable. But nobody interested in Bitcoin wants it to stabilize … Continue reading Bitcoin doesn’t work – and what can we do about it?