Looking for a Tester with GoLang experience

I was just talking with a recruiter looking for a QA engineer with experience using Go programming language for testing. While Go is gaining popularity - especially among systems application developers (for example, Docker is written in Go) and for developing microservices, not a lot of testers have much experience with Go. That's because Go … Continue reading Looking for a Tester with GoLang experience


Install MacOS updates remotely via Command Line over SSH

Automating OS updates can be an important part of OpSec. Here's a quick script to enable automatic OS updates on MacOS: See if Mac OS updates are installed by going to System Preferences > Software Updates > Advanced. You want "Install MacOS updates" to be checked. But you can also check this via the Command … Continue reading Install MacOS updates remotely via Command Line over SSH

An Asynchronous Test Runner?

Here's a conversation on LinkedIn talking about which programming language you should choose for a test framework -- including comments about how automated tests are inherently synchronous (which I agree with) and why someone would write an asynchronous test framework in, for example JavaScript. https://www.linkedin.com/posts/vikas-mathur_qa-testing-testautomation-activity-6871687300267474944-1MUL Vikas Mathur Typically, programming language for test automation can be … Continue reading An Asynchronous Test Runner?

How to get cryptocurrency prices using Python (and various tools)

Here's another post based on a question from Quora: Can I export the contents of an HTML table to Excel or MySQL via Selenium/Python? No, you can’t export a table from HTML to Excel or MySQL using Selenium with Python. But you’re in luck! You just asked the wrong question. It’s like if you had … Continue reading How to get cryptocurrency prices using Python (and various tools)

When should you use JavaScriptExecutor in Selenium?

When you want to execute JavaScript on the browser :) This was my answer to a question on Quora https://www.quora.com/When-should-I-use-JavaScriptExecutor-in-Selenium-WebDriver/answer/Aaron-Evans JavaScriptExecutor is an interface that defines 2 methods: in Java (and similarly in C#): Object executeScript(String script, Object... args) and Object executeAsyncScript(String script, Object... args) which take as an argument a string representing the JavaScript … Continue reading When should you use JavaScriptExecutor in Selenium?

Weekly Wednesday Webinar on Selenium & Sauce Labs

I've been working at Sauce Labs for a while now, helping enterprise users build test automation frameworks and implement continuous integration using Selenium & Sauce Labs. In order to reach a larger audience -- and to learn more about people's challenges developing test automation -- I'm going to be hosting a weekly webinar on using … Continue reading Weekly Wednesday Webinar on Selenium & Sauce Labs

Continuous Testing

I've done a lot of setup and administration of continuous integration servers -- cruise control (including variations cruisecontrol.rb and cruisecontrol.net), luntbuild, hudson, jenkins, bamboo, TFS, go. I have my favorites (and not so favorites.) I've seen them used well and abused for continuous delivery and deployment as well. Ironically, the ones that seem to work … Continue reading Continuous Testing

Acceptance Criteria Presentation

A few weeks ago I gave a presentation about acceptance criteria and agile testing to a team of developers I'm working with. Some of the developers were familiar with agile processes & test driven development, but some were not. I introduced the idea of behavior driven development, with both rspec "it should" and gherkin "given/when/then" … Continue reading Acceptance Criteria Presentation

Thoughts on NUnit and MSTest

I recently had a discussion with some other developers about NUnit and MSTest. My personal preference is based on familiarity -- originally from JUnit and TestNG, but also with NUnit. NUnit was around long before MSTest, and MSTest was not available with Visual Studio Express. I personally, haven't used MSTest so I scoured the internet … Continue reading Thoughts on NUnit and MSTest

Running NUnit tests programmatically

I'm working on a test framework that needs to be run by less-technical testers. The tests are data driven from a spreadsheet (google docs spreadsheet API + gdata.) Tests will be run locally (for now at least) since there isn't a test lab available for remote execution, and no CI. I didn't want to have … Continue reading Running NUnit tests programmatically