Me on Marc Fleury on Mark Shuttleworth on the economy (and fed rate cuts)

I enjoyed reading Marc's comments on Mark Shuttleworth's blog post about the fed cuts. It's exciting to see such economic sense from successful open source celebrities. It's as if actors making political proclamations could comment intelligently on the Federalist Papers and their relevance today. But of course, the difference is that Marc and Mark are … Continue reading Me on Marc Fleury on Mark Shuttleworth on the economy (and fed rate cuts)


John Edwards’ Essay on Foreign Affairs

"This century's first test of our leadership arrived with terrible force on September 11, 2001. When the United States was attacked, the entire world stood with us. We could have pursued a broad policy of reengagement with the world, yet instead we squandered this broad support through a series of policies that drove away our … Continue reading John Edwards’ Essay on Foreign Affairs

Only 24%?!!!

Here's a quote from a Rasmussen poll about the boring Global Warming concerts covered (somewhat less than breathlessly by some poor former actress or model hosting it like a Macy's Thanksgiving day parade, who's over-made-up face was as slouchy as her body, looking vaguely like a wax statue of a Roman Senator reclining to dinner … Continue reading Only 24%?!!!

The death of Physics I read this article today about a Physics teacher in England who is lamenting the state of education in their state (or is it a province?) While this stuff us usually a bit skewed to conservative cultural alarmism, a la Theodore Dalrymple, a kind of academic "uphill both ways in the snow" snobbery that … Continue reading The death of Physics

Electoral Issues

Here's a starter list of likely Electoral issues: Immigration (illegal aliens, amnesty, guest workers, H1-B visas, border security, etc.) War on terror (Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Philippines, Indonesia, etc.) Economy (Oil prices / housing bubble / inflation, etc.) Health care (free medical services or government funded insurance) Abortion/judicial appointments voting fraud (probably only … Continue reading Electoral Issues

More fuel comments

Of course, the reason the oil companies are posting such huge profits is because they aren't paying NYMEX prices for crude.  I don't know the exact number, but I'm sure Exxon has deals with the Saudi government (and BP has deals with the USA) that allows them to buy crude on long term contracts that … Continue reading More fuel comments

Fuel Price Formula

I saw a presentation that gave me a breakdown on prices per gallon of gasoline. The numbers aren't the thing, but here's the formula: #getting price per gallon of gasoline brent.price(per_barrel) = $62 gallons_per_barrel = 42 cracking = 3/5 * base_price_per_gallon = brent.price(per_barrel) / gallons_per_barrel * cracking = $2.36/gallon #nominally fixed costs per gallon**: distribution_marketing … Continue reading Fuel Price Formula