I’m going home

Today is (probably) the last day I'll have internet in Ecuador. TV Cable should be coming to get the antenna and modem any time now. So I'll be incommunicado until Wednesday, when I'll be back in Seattle. I don't know if I'd really call it home, but it's home for Kelsey. She's been pretty sick … Continue reading I’m going home


More on Covenant Eyes

It's a great idea.  It is intrusive, but not restrictive.  I read that they are coming out with a blocker, which is probably good for some.  I would like to help out in this arena.  Maybe come up with a product of my own that works with Covenant Eyes or some other tool that helps … Continue reading More on Covenant Eyes

Kelsey’s nervous

She got a covenant eyes report that looks very incriminating.  But it's not.  I think she's okay now.  Covenant Eyes is an accountability report of what I browse on the internet.  It basically logs every site I went to and sends her an email with ratings of questionable URLs.   Things like mormon-sex.jpg (a scan of a … Continue reading Kelsey’s nervous

I don’t want to be a leader of mice

I don't want to excel at something mediocre. Some may be lulled by the realization, upon looking around at their peers, and deciding (for the sake of this argument, we'll say "correctly") that they are made of better stuff than those around them. It is tempting to say to yourself, I could do that.  But if … Continue reading I don’t want to be a leader of mice


To whom? I don't know. But this is my first post on a new blog, may it quickly fall by the wayside. I started travel web logs on blogger at http://fijiaaron.blogspt.com for when I went to Fiji and Ecuador. I'd like to make notes on my business plans, observations and predictions about boring things like … Continue reading Welcome