Weekly Wednesday Webinar on Selenium & Sauce Labs

I've been working at Sauce Labs for a while now, helping enterprise users build test automation frameworks and implement continuous integration using Selenium & Sauce Labs. In order to reach a larger audience -- and to learn more about people's challenges developing test automation -- I'm going to be hosting a weekly webinar on using … Continue reading Weekly Wednesday Webinar on Selenium & Sauce Labs


Test Management

A well organized article on IBM developerworks about test management: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/rational/library/06/1107_davis/ The takeway I like is: Testing tasks: Organization Planning Authoring Executing Reporting Really not that specific to testing, but helpful to think about when "planning" or "managing" or whatever it is you call it. I don't know if I endorse the conclusions or descriptions … Continue reading Test Management

and looking for work

After a month, I should be in pretty good shape, if I haven't taken a job already if the pay and position is right.  I think I'd really like to help build a new and growing QA department up.  I don't really have any management experience, but I've found in the last six months that … Continue reading and looking for work

Testing tutorials to write

Here are the testing tutorials I'm going to work on: Selenium Fit & Fitnesse Watir Customizing Bugzilla Bugzilla features: web services and email_in TestNG vs. Junit PHP SimpleTest Perl Test::Class & WWW::Mechanize Test Planning, Test Cases & Defects

Bugzilla and the Summer of Code

I learned from the Bugzilla-dev email list that the Google Summer of Code is taking applications starting tomorrow. Of course, Mozilla is a sponsor, and Bugzilla is a Mozilla project, and we'd like be involved. Some of the top Bugzilla developers are interested in mentoring (and I would be too, if I were any kind … Continue reading Bugzilla and the Summer of Code

Getting out of the way – requirement #1 of the ideal framework

The framework that manages best, manages least"  or something like that. Even in the original it didn't necessarily mean the least amount of government, but that because of the structure, less intervention was required. This doesn't directly boil down to simplicity,  but simplicity is the easiest way to reduce management overhead.  That's why things like … Continue reading Getting out of the way – requirement #1 of the ideal framework

Framework fetish and rants on SolarPHP, Django, and Python

I've been looking at more frameworks -- I know, it's a problem. Including an in depth look at Joomla and a peek at SolarPHP, including a look at YAWP, Savant, PDO.I'm not going to use Solar, but a day spent looking at it is a day wasted. A quick criticism: It's too "magical", requires too … Continue reading Framework fetish and rants on SolarPHP, Django, and Python

Me on Marc Fleury on Sun purchase of MySQL

The last post was supposed to be this one, but I got distracted on how I found it. Needless to say, I'll probably be haunting marcf.blogspot.com more, because he has some interesting commentary, as does Mark Shuttleworth of Thawte and Ubuntu. Unlike Marc Andressen, who, while once genius, has become a trivial marketing guru and … Continue reading Me on Marc Fleury on Sun purchase of MySQL

A simple junit rant

I'm going to make this very simple. My last junit rant (online -- I think on theserverside.com) resulted in a nice email from Cedric Beust about this new thing he was working on called testNG. Oh how I wish I could use it at work. Luckily, that will be an option in 3 days, as … Continue reading A simple junit rant

Nobody expects the QA inquistion

Our primary area of focus in testing is usability. Usability and security. Security and usability. Our two main areas of focus are usability and security...and functionality... Our three areas of focus -- don't forget stability. Among our areas of focus -- Amongst our many areas of focus are included usability, stability, functionality, and security...and performance. … Continue reading Nobody expects the QA inquistion