Moving to Ecuador

I'm moving to Ecuador in January. My wife Kelsey volunteered for OSSO ( in 2004 before we were married. When I came back from Fiji, she took me there for Christmas to play Santa Claus. After we were married we moved to Ecuador for 6 months in 2007. She got pregnant, we came back to … Continue reading Moving to Ecuador


I’m going home

Today is (probably) the last day I'll have internet in Ecuador. TV Cable should be coming to get the antenna and modem any time now. So I'll be incommunicado until Wednesday, when I'll be back in Seattle. I don't know if I'd really call it home, but it's home for Kelsey. She's been pretty sick … Continue reading I’m going home


Me and Kelsey went shopping at the mall yesterday evening.  She got strawberry sorbet and I got Mora.  Hers was better.  We also read a little from a book that she picked up at Borders in Coeur d'Elaine.  She's finding out new things about herself.