Sponsoring a volunteer for OSSO in Ecuador

In 2004 Kelsey went to Ecuador to participate in the OSSO program. She did volunteer work at orphanages and made many new friends there, both Ecuadorian and among the other volunteers. When I came back from Fiji, she took me to Ecuador with her to see the place & people she loved so much. In … Continue reading Sponsoring a volunteer for OSSO in Ecuador


Moving to Ecuador

I'm moving to Ecuador in January. My wife Kelsey volunteered for OSSO (http://orphanagesupport.org) in 2004 before we were married. When I came back from Fiji, she took me there for Christmas to play Santa Claus. After we were married we moved to Ecuador for 6 months in 2007. She got pregnant, we came back to … Continue reading Moving to Ecuador

I’m going home

Today is (probably) the last day I'll have internet in Ecuador. TV Cable should be coming to get the antenna and modem any time now. So I'll be incommunicado until Wednesday, when I'll be back in Seattle. I don't know if I'd really call it home, but it's home for Kelsey. She's been pretty sick … Continue reading I’m going home

Carnival in Ecuador

This week is Carnival.  And here that means water ballons.  Actually, they've been celebrating practically since New Years.  Kelsey got hit by a water balloon from a fast moving car walking home the first week of January.  Today she "paid it forward" when she pegged a guy who was climbing on the back of his … Continue reading Carnival in Ecuador

I’m going to be a dad

Yesterday Lois sent an instant message to Kelsey saying "Are you pregnant?" Kelsey replied "maybe" and promptly went to take a home pregnancy test that she'd brought with her to Ecuador from a $1 store in Auburn. It gave what Kelsey said was "a faint line" which she said means "yes." Since the illustration on … Continue reading I’m going to be a dad

Cuenca, Ecuador

On October 14th, we boarded the plane to Ecuador. We actually made it there that night. Four weeks, minus two days later, we've settled in to an apartment. Actually, we've been here two weeks, but decided yesterday to stay, since the house we wanted isn't done yet, and we hope to save on furniture. This … Continue reading Cuenca, Ecuador

Back from honeymoon

It was great.  Loved Greece.  The views on Santorini, swimming in Ammoudi, the food, the cave pool in our room (1 night at 500 euros), renting a scooter on Naxos, the unfinished resort that we will complete and open someday,  seasickness on the ferry in rough seas due to high winds after opressive heat and … Continue reading Back from honeymoon

Wedding website

A while ago, Kelsey created a website just for fun. She's updated it and I guess it's our official wedding headquarters. http://mywedding.com/kelseyandaaron I'm still a little sad that she took West Marine and Boater's World off the gift registry list. But you can still buy me a GPS, SSB Radio, RIB tender (with 9.9HP 2 … Continue reading Wedding website