When should you use JavaScriptExecutor in Selenium?

When you want to execute JavaScript on the browser :) This was my answer to a question on Quora https://www.quora.com/When-should-I-use-JavaScriptExecutor-in-Selenium-WebDriver/answer/Aaron-Evans JavaScriptExecutor is an interface that defines 2 methods: in Java (and similarly in C#): Object executeScript(String script, Object... args) and Object executeAsyncScript(String script, Object... args) which take as an argument a string representing the JavaScript … Continue reading When should you use JavaScriptExecutor in Selenium?


Thoughts on NUnit and MSTest

I recently had a discussion with some other developers about NUnit and MSTest. My personal preference is based on familiarity -- originally from JUnit and TestNG, but also with NUnit. NUnit was around long before MSTest, and MSTest was not available with Visual Studio Express. I personally, haven't used MSTest so I scoured the internet … Continue reading Thoughts on NUnit and MSTest