Resume Link is my latest idea.  And for once, I'm actually afraid someone might steal it.  Maybe because it's so easy to do, or maybe it's that good.  Or maybe I'm just desperate & paranoid. I've got what I think is a pretty good domain name: The main idea is that you upload your … Continue reading ResumeLink


Blogs as bookmark tools

One of the reasons I (and I'm sure others) use a blog is to talk about a product and put a link to it so we can find it again later.  So in affect, I'm using my blog as a bookmark too (with summaries.)  Many popular blogs (like slashdot) are geared towards that.  In fact, … Continue reading Blogs as bookmark tools

I've started working on, and am creating a qa-site for it. CuencaTravel will be the initial QA Site test platform. I expect to have more features and work on the dashboard. I've already got a basic time line widget. I also started a blog for Cuenca Travel, borrowing the theme and image from this … Continue reading


So there are 4 days left at work. Then I'm on my own. If I want a boat, I'll do what it takes to get it. If I can. Now it's time to find out if I can and if I want it. Maybe what I really want is to run a restaurant/hotel in Ecuador. … Continue reading Threes

More on Covenant Eyes

It's a great idea.  It is intrusive, but not restrictive.  I read that they are coming out with a blocker, which is probably good for some.  I would like to help out in this arena.  Maybe come up with a product of my own that works with Covenant Eyes or some other tool that helps … Continue reading More on Covenant Eyes