Frozen New Year 2022

Looks like we’ll be welcoming the new year 2022 without water. Subzero temperatures and a well mean our water pipes have frozen tonight on December 31, 2021. It may be a few days before we can thaw them enough to get water running again.

An Asynchronous Test Runner?

Here's a conversation on LinkedIn talking about which programming language you should choose for a test framework -- including comments about how automated tests are inherently synchronous (which I agree with) and why someone would write an asynchronous test framework in, for example JavaScript. Vikas Mathur Typically, programming language for test automation can be … Continue reading An Asynchronous Test Runner?


I keep confusing Peter Dinklage and Peter Mayhew

Here is Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca in Star Wars: Here is Peter Dinklage as Tyrian in Game of Thrones: While there is some passing similarity (besides the name) -- perhaps in the way they groom their hair, or maybe a bit in the way they walk. But Peter Mayhew is 7'3". Peter Dinklage is 4'5". … Continue reading I keep confusing Peter Dinklage and Peter Mayhew

On Productivity: Ducks & Chickens

Sometimes you produce more. Sometimes you produce less. We got 2 ducks who didn't start laying eggs until this fall. Since then, they've been laying pretty consistently. Here is their output for the past two days: The shiny eggs are from today. Every once in a while we get a giant -- double sized -- … Continue reading On Productivity: Ducks & Chickens

Blog Stats by Country and Over Time

I've recently started blogging regularly again, but it's been several years since I gave it much attention. A recent blog redesign with a new theme -- and *finally* a code formatting plugin that I like helps it to look better. I'm also taking time to put posts in the right categories and add meaningful tags … Continue reading Blog Stats by Country and Over Time