Why Mockito’s @InjectMocks is evil

Why Mockito's @InjectMocks is evil:https://lnkd.in/gDK2ktX TLDR: It fails to inject silently @InjectMocks will try to satisfy a dependency with a @Mock by adding to the system under test via constructor, setter, or property. If any of those do not succeed, it will fail silently, and you won't know why you have a NullPointerException, for example. … Continue reading Why Mockito’s @InjectMocks is evil


Automation Strategy Manifesto

Automation is key to a successful DevOps strategy In order to accelerate release velocity from quarterly to bi-weekly we need to develop and release software in smaller cycles. This allows us to make decisions in an agile manner and get faster feedback from users. But the release cycle has inherent friction. To reduce this friction … Continue reading Automation Strategy Manifesto