Test Automation isn’t for everyone

I once knew a guy who was a talented craftsman, he could make beautiful hand crafted furniture. His business became popular and demand increased. He got investment and built a large shop, hired a couple assistants and bought addition machinery so he could help meet the demand. The business was a big success and grew … Continue reading Test Automation isn’t for everyone


Challenges inheriting an existing test framework

This post started as a comment on to the following discussion on LinkedIn. Inheriting a framework can be challenging. First of all, because a real world framework is more complex than something just created. There is bound to be exception cases and technical debt included. Secondly, an existing test framework was built by people on … Continue reading Challenges inheriting an existing test framework

Test Automation Can’t Catch Everything

I remember a time, years ago, when I was working at a company at which I learned a lot about my craft. Selenium was fairly new and I was one of the early adopters. I'd developed a pattern for structuring tests that I shared with the community and found that several others had independently developed … Continue reading Test Automation Can’t Catch Everything