On Customer Development

I was recently asked about Customer Development as a process. I looked it up to see what the formal definition is, and concluded that I don't know too much about the official "Customer Development" process, but I understand and practice the general principles of Customer Development in my own business. Here my reply: Do you … Continue reading On Customer Development


Checking state in Selenium Test Automation

I wrote a medium length novel in response to Nikolay Advolodkin's post about a common Selenium automation pattern. He advocates:STOP CHECKING IF PAGE IS LOADED IN AUTOMATED UI TESTYou can read his article on his site, Ulimate QA: https://ultimateqa.com/stop-checking-if-page-is-loaded-in-automated-ui-test/Or follow the discussion on his linkedin post: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/nikolayadvolodkin_testautomation-java-selenium-activity-6674278585743761408-Ud_pNikolay is a good friend, so please don't take … Continue reading Checking state in Selenium Test Automation

The value of test automation

The real value of test automation doesn't come from finding bugs. At least not primarily. Automation is not good at that, except in one case which we'll discuss later. On a consultation with a client the other day I was talking about this. Our conversation was interrupted when my daughter came running in, crying, and … Continue reading The value of test automation