Testing isn’t just for testers

I originally prepared this talk and published it as an article on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/testing-isnt-just-testers-aaron-evans Testing isn't just for testers Testers write tests all the time. But testing isn't just for testers. Actually, that would be like saying programming is for computers. Tests are written by testers, but it's the value that other people get out … Continue reading Testing isn’t just for testers


A quick look at Eleventy and Static Site Generators

Eleventy is a Static Site Generator.What does that mean?Benefits of a SSG: Speed -- Faster load times -- no parsing of server side scripts Simplicity -- Easy to deploy -- no server configuration, just upload Security -- Can lock down -- nothing exposed on website to exploit server side Savings -- Can be run on … Continue reading A quick look at Eleventy and Static Site Generators

How I got started testing

I decided to go back to college after several years away from school. I had been working construction and I was now my own boss as a drywall contractor. But winter had come, and work was slow, and while I'd enjoyed working alone and singing along (badly) to my own rock music with no one … Continue reading How I got started testing