Testing mobile apps in the cloud

There are several services available for testing mobile apps in the cloud on real devices: Sauce Labs Sauce Labs is the veteran and was co-founded by Jason Huggins, the original creator of Selenium.  Sauce Labs also works on development of Appium. BrowserStack BrowserStack is an economical choice for testing in the cloud, but while the offer … Continue reading Testing mobile apps in the cloud


Setting system properties with Gradle

In Java you can pass system properties from the command line like this: java -D MyProperty=foo MyClass And you can then get them in your code like so: public class MyClass { public String getMyProperty() { return System.getProperty("MyProperty"); } } Pretty easy, no? You can pass system arguments the same way with Gradle: gradle -D … Continue reading Setting system properties with Gradle

When should you use BDD

1. Product and dev are talking to each other 2. You want to write something down to communicate 3. You want to read something to communicate 4. You don't use documents as a way to avoid communicating. 3. You can come up specific examples of requirements 4. You are willing to test those requirements frequently … Continue reading When should you use BDD