Continuous Testing (part 2)

In my last post [Continuous Testing part 1] I described what a typical build script inside a continuous integration tool looks like. And how they're often a nightmare to maintain. I didn't even get to the point I wanted to talk about -- which is that something about continuous integration is broken. Part of the … Continue reading Continuous Testing (part 2)


Continuous Testing

I've done a lot of setup and administration of continuous integration servers -- cruise control (including variations cruisecontrol.rb and, luntbuild, hudson, jenkins, bamboo, TFS, go. I have my favorites (and not so favorites.) I've seen them used well and abused for continuous delivery and deployment as well. Ironically, the ones that seem to work … Continue reading Continuous Testing

Who is my customer?

When looking for a customer, what do you need to know about them?  Understanding who your customer is is an important exercise for a startup that should be drilled into your skull. But the same thing applies to everyone, not just startups.  Whether you're trying to sell a product, land a client, or even find … Continue reading Who is my customer?

Visualizing the Browser Object Model

I'm working on conceptualizing how web apps relate to the browser. Thinking about single page (and multi-page) apps and the different elements they need to control.  It became apparent to me that there are two models and two sets of state that exist side by side. There is the browser, along with the DOM and all it's related elements:  window, … Continue reading Visualizing the Browser Object Model