A better behavior driven syntax

Don't get me wrong, I love Gherkin. Behavior driven development has done some good things and cucumber, specflow, JBehave, NBehave, Jasmine, et al. have done wonders for improving test readability and communicating tests in business language. You know "Given, When, Then" But... First of all, let's not kid ourselves.  That's not English, that's programming syntax. … Continue reading A better behavior driven syntax


My wife is making lip balm

My wife is making lip from scratch using coconut oil and beeswax.  She flavors them with doTERRA essential oils and she's selling her lip balm in slider tins on Etsy. So naturally, I told her I'd pitch in and set up with her own e-commerce shop.   I set up a domain for her foxlips.com and hosted it on … Continue reading My wife is making lip balm

Thoughts on NUnit and MSTest

I recently had a discussion with some other developers about NUnit and MSTest. My personal preference is based on familiarity -- originally from JUnit and TestNG, but also with NUnit. NUnit was around long before MSTest, and MSTest was not available with Visual Studio Express. I personally, haven't used MSTest so I scoured the internet … Continue reading Thoughts on NUnit and MSTest