Using MongoDB and Node.js with Express-Resource to create a REST service

A while back I had a problem I was trying solve. I was using node.js with express-resource to create a REST (ish) web service and return data from mongodb. My app looked something like this: app.js (server) things.js (request handler) sendThings.js (handles mongodb queries) My main issue was that I had to pass my response … Continue reading Using MongoDB and Node.js with Express-Resource to create a REST service


Getting started with Ruby and Selenium

I got an email recently asking for info on getting started with Selenium & Ruby.  I replied: I can offer training with Selenium, but I'd be happy to try to answer specific questions for free. I've written a blog post about using Selenium with Ruby: But your best reference is probably the Selenium home … Continue reading Getting started with Ruby and Selenium

Refactoring for Testability

Refactoring for Testability (or how I learned to stop worrying and love failing tests) link to slides: PPTX PDF I'd like to talk about refactoring. Specifically, refactoring to improve testability.  So we can write better tests and have more confidence when we refactor code (and add new features) that we don't break existing functionality -- except when we … Continue reading Refactoring for Testability

Quality Bots at

I've been working at for the past month.  Today we gave a presentation on the QualityBots framework we've been developing - -inspired by a similar tool used by Google. It crawls the web site and scrapes web pages using WebDriver. Then it compares the HTML source & screenshot, giving the percentages changed that can be measured against … Continue reading Quality Bots at