Working on my birthday

Today is my birthday, but I'm working hard and enjoying it. I'm at the beach in Ecuador.   I had a morning surf session before breakfast with my kids riding on my back & Kelsey watching.  We have #3 on the way, you know. I worked with Andres on Budgeteer from my hammock on the … Continue reading Working on my birthday


Budgeteer Mockups

After going over the survey I decided to create mockups for Budgeteer based on the sketches I drew while interviewing and the feedback I got. 

Budgeteer usage survey

I'm developing a mobile app called Budgeteer. It is a personal finance app for tracking expenses and calculating budgets. Next week we are going to the beach and I'll be working on it with my partner Andres de los Reyes. This morning I bombarded my wife with questions about the user interface & features for … Continue reading Budgeteer usage survey

MySpace was better than FaceBook

For starters the name was a thousand times better. At least before the name was changed to include an elongated, fallen over bracket. "Check out MySpace" sounds so much cooler than "I'm on FaceBook". It had more features, and a better layout. Despite the fact that 13 year old girls could (and did) make their … Continue reading MySpace was better than FaceBook

What is performance testing

Here is my response to the question posted on Quora "What is performance testing?" There are a lot of different activities frequently rolled into the term "performance testing." Generally, performance testing means testing the performance of your system - to give a tautological definition, which illustrates the ambiguity of the term more than it illuminates … Continue reading What is performance testing

Workation at Villa de los Suenos on the Ecuador coast

One Sunday afternoon a couple weeks ago, we decided to go on vacation. I'd just finished one project, customizing an open source restaurant Point of Sale system for a client, and I was (still am) consulting part time for another, something I could do anywhere with reliable internet. is a cloud service based on … Continue reading Workation at Villa de los Suenos on the Ecuador coast