Test First Isn’t

Here's an essay I wrote several years ago but apparently never posted. It didn't get where I wanted it to go, and turned into a bit of a rant. Hope you enjoy it as much as I still do. Test first development isn't testing. It's development. It's prep work for a developer. It doesn't test … Continue reading Test First Isn’t


How can a QA Site help you?

Here's the follow up post to "What is a QA Site?. You can see the original document at: http://www.one-shore.com/docs/how-can-a-qa-site-help-you.pdf How can a QA Site help you? ·     All your testing information together in one place Your QA Site dashboard gathers information from the different tools that testers, developers, analysts, and project manager use into one … Continue reading How can a QA Site help you?

What is a QA Site?

I'm working on developing a testing tool I call a "QA Site."  It consists of a set of hosted testing & development tools and a dashboard user interface. I wrote the following in an attempt to describe it.   The original document can be downloaded at http://www.one-shore.com/docs/what-is-a-qa-site.pdf.   What is a QA Site? QA Site … Continue reading What is a QA Site?

Selenium QC integration update

My blog post about connecting to QC from a client side script was mentioned on the PushToTest tutorial about selenium for beginners. Thanks the Frank Cohen of PushToTest for mentioning me.   Although to be strictly accurate, I don't talk about using OTA to run Selenium tests, I talk about using OTA  to update test results in Quality … Continue reading Selenium QC integration update