REST web service client in C#

Here is an example of how to do REST web requests in C#. The example shown is POST but for GET just remove the request body stuff and change the request.Method: updated with checks for Basic Auth and GET requests As you can see, there's a lot of drudgework here -- and this is an … Continue reading REST web service client in C#


Sponsoring a volunteer for OSSO in Ecuador

In 2004 Kelsey went to Ecuador to participate in the OSSO program. She did volunteer work at orphanages and made many new friends there, both Ecuadorian and among the other volunteers. When I came back from Fiji, she took me to Ecuador with her to see the place & people she loved so much. In … Continue reading Sponsoring a volunteer for OSSO in Ecuador

Getting a QC test coverage report from JUnit

I've written a quick example that shows how to use custom annotations on JUnit tests to map them to Quality Center test cases. You can create an annotation called "QCTestCases" and add it to your JUnit tests like this: The annotation is a simple interface: And the base class uses reflection to discover if the … Continue reading Getting a QC test coverage report from JUnit

Moving to Ecuador

I'm moving to Ecuador in January. My wife Kelsey volunteered for OSSO ( in 2004 before we were married. When I came back from Fiji, she took me there for Christmas to play Santa Claus. After we were married we moved to Ecuador for 6 months in 2007. She got pregnant, we came back to … Continue reading Moving to Ecuador

Running NUnit tests programmatically

I'm working on a test framework that needs to be run by less-technical testers. The tests are data driven from a spreadsheet (google docs spreadsheet API + gdata.) Tests will be run locally (for now at least) since there isn't a test lab available for remote execution, and no CI. I didn't want to have … Continue reading Running NUnit tests programmatically

Documentation for TDConnection (OTAClient API)

Documentation on the OTA API can be download from Quality Center. Go to Help -> ... The file is called OTA_API_Reference.chm. It is a "help file" and once downloaded, you may need to unblock it. If you're seeing this: Right click on the file and select Properties. Then click "Unblock" This file came from another … Continue reading Documentation for TDConnection (OTAClient API)

Updating test results in QC using the QC OTA API explained

Yesterday I cleaned up and posted my example QCIntegration utility on GitHub. While it works as a standalone tool, some people might not want to wade through the code to understand or modify it. So today, I'm going to try to explain how the OTA API works by recreating the steps as a blog post … Continue reading Updating test results in QC using the QC OTA API explained

Upload Selenium/JUnit test results to Quality Center

Since I've had so many requests (the latest being today), and since I'm working on something very similar for a current client, I decided to take some time today to respond in detail about integrating QC with JUnit & Selenium. The steps I've used for Selenium / QC integration are: 1. Write tests with Selenium … Continue reading Upload Selenium/JUnit test results to Quality Center

Buliding a better spreadsheet

How many people are frustrated by just doing a sum or match count--or don't even try? How about auto-resizing of fields? Or viewing two tables side-by-side? Or adding comments without filling a cell. Or creating simple charts? These should be easy on spreadsheets. Things that seem tricky like using a relational database on the backend … Continue reading Buliding a better spreadsheet

How bad spreadsheets suck

This morning I was thinking about how we're stuck with pretty much the interface VisiCalc gave us back in 1980 (without the user-friendliness) and it doesn't have to be that way. 90% of people that use spreadsheets don't even know how get the sum for a column. Which is the whole reason spreadsheets were invented! … Continue reading How bad spreadsheets suck