As the end of my contract with Alaska Airlines winds down and I'm getting read to move to Ecuador again in January, I'm starting to revamp the One Shore website in preparation for actively searching for freelance QA and development work. Besides the visual overhaul it's badly in need of, and some code cleanup I've … Continue reading Revamping


First reaction to Stevey’s Rant

First reaction to Stevey's Rant Google pays him more than Amazon did. But since he hasn't worked at Amazon in 6 years his thoughts on Amazon nowadays don't matter much. Oh, and he'd like to try this new SOA thing he read about in a 2006 infoWeek article. Amazon's UI is successful because they … Continue reading First reaction to Stevey’s Rant

Thoughts on Agile Testing & Automation

This post was based on a comment on another blog post about the StarWest 2011 conference. Automation should primarily be used for regression testing & other scenarios that require repetition and accuracy. The point I try to stress is that the goal of test automation is to create time for exploratory testing. In that perspective, a … Continue reading Thoughts on Agile Testing & Automation