Working on Apple Blossom

This morning I got up early and scrounged around for some paper and a sharpie. I had some ideas about the Apple Blossom layout I'd been thinking of. See this earlier post on the company blog about a weekly lesson plan. The lesson planner is just one screen, but it's fairly easy one to understand. … Continue reading Working on Apple Blossom


Thoughts on the Seattle Startup Scene

Here's a  few *cough* thoughts I've had on startups, sparked by posts on Geekwire, and originally posted as comments there. RE: Why Seattle needs to create the next Zynga or Facebook But Facebook & Zynga are opening offices in Seattle. Maybe we're the South Bay's sweatshop in the same time zone? I've seen other people … Continue reading Thoughts on the Seattle Startup Scene

My TODO list

I've started a new project: Apple Blossom pre-school and home school curriculum software. Register Domain 1and1 Set up DNS & hosting Linode Email  setup Google Apps Logo design Contest at 99designs Craigslist Home page with email registration Blog & Social Media WordPress Blogger Twitter Facebook Market Research Blogs Products SEO Big Players Focused Players Adwords … Continue reading My TODO list

A brief history of Unix

1969 Initially developed as a subset of MULTICS, developed on a PDP-6 at Bell Labs 1970 Officially named "unix" and ported to run on PDP-11 1971 First edition of the "UNIX Programmer's Manual" is published 1972-1973 Unix is rewritten mostly in C 1974 First PDP-11 with unix installed at Berkeley 1975 Unix Version 5 is … Continue reading A brief history of Unix