Recording Flash automation with FlexMonkium

Gorilla Logic created FlexMonkey -- a test automation tool for Flex. Now they've added FlexMonkium which allows you to use FlexMonkey with Selenium to seamleslys automate the web browser and Flash with a single API.  There's also a plugin for Selenium IDE that allows you to record. To install FlexMonkium, you have to go to … Continue reading Recording Flash automation with FlexMonkium


Firefox plugins

A new job means a new computer, which means lots of setup. I won't go into details (right now) for everything, but here's a list of Firefox plugins I "needed": Firebug Web Developer Toggle Web Developer Console2 JSON View Poster XPath Checker DOM Inspector ScreenGrab ColorZilla Pixel Zoom Pixel Perfect Measure It Smoothe Wheel Selenium … Continue reading Firefox plugins