Resumelink needs a logo & graphic design

My newest venture is moving along nicely.  I've got a pretty good grip on the features and some interesting partnership prospects.  I've got a timeline for debut (I'm targeting June 1) with a very basic feature set. upload your resume create a personalized URL (maybe) create a profile (probably not yet) build a resume … Continue reading Resumelink needs a logo & graphic design


scenario based literate testing

A more interesting strategic area I've been looking into is with literate tests that better describe the requirements.  The goal is something like this PHP example: $test->verify($user)->with_membership("professional")->can()->access_premium_content(); You are then specifying the requirement as a test, which then knows how to not only navigate, but set up the correct scenario, including registering a user with … Continue reading scenario based literate testing

Smart or dumb page objects

You reach a point when you realize you should be blogging about something.  Today that point for me is 3 tweeterings and 2 requests for elaboration.  I should just be grateful that smart people are listening to what I say (though it should encourage me to shut up quicker). So let's start with the twitter … Continue reading Smart or dumb page objects