Resume Link is my latest idea.  And for once, I'm actually afraid someone might steal it.  Maybe because it's so easy to do, or maybe it's that good.  Or maybe I'm just desperate & paranoid. I've got what I think is a pretty good domain name: The main idea is that you upload your … Continue reading ResumeLink


Redmine Test Case Management Plugin

Last week I started working on a test case management tool for my current work. I decided to build it as a plugin for Redmine, an open source project management application, which is based on Ruby on Rails.  There seems to be quite a bit of interest in the community, and I hope I can … Continue reading Redmine Test Case Management Plugin

Quixapp – A Bookmarklet Bookmarklet

Quix is a way to call bookmarklets from a bookmarket. From the site: No plugins slowing down your browser No need to remember multiple bookmarklets Maintain your bookmarklets in one spot Check it out. If you want to install Quix in IE (their site doesn't say how this can be done, probably to avoid support … Continue reading Quixapp – A Bookmarklet Bookmarklet

getting past untrusted HTTPS connections with selenium

A common problem many Selenium users run into is the untrusted connection warning. This happens when an SSL certificate is unsigned, self-signed, or doesn't match the domain name, a common scenario in test environments. In Firefox it used to be a popup modal dialog that needed dismissed by clicking "ok" or "so what" or something … Continue reading getting past untrusted HTTPS connections with selenium