New job, unique challenges. I just found a way to work on a remote codebase easier today. On Linux you can mount a remote filesystem using SSHFS.  Turns out that you can do roughly the same thing on Windows too with Dokan SSHFS.  You can map a remote filesystem to a drive letter and it … Continue reading Dokan SSHFS



PHPT is a test format designed for testing internal PHP functions.  But you can use it to test your own functions as well. Essentially, the PHPT format consists of a few blocks of text marked by the following delimeters: --TEST-- --FILE-- --EXPECT-- Here's an example: #IncrementTest.php --TEST-- increment() function - basic test for increment() --FILE-- … Continue reading PHPT

POST – Plain Old SQL Tables

There was a movement in Java over the past several years to get away from complex inheritance and the implementation of byzantine interfaces specifically, the complexity of EJBs - where you had to implement at least 6 methods that you, personally, likely never cared about. The idea was to separate the details of persistence, transactions, … Continue reading POST – Plain Old SQL Tables

Daemons at the Seattle PHP Meetup

Last night I attended the Seattle PHP Meetup at Office Nomads on Capitol Hill for the first time.  It took only a bit of work finding the place, and a bit more to find parking, but I got there a little late, just in time to be the last to introduce myself. There was quite … Continue reading Daemons at the Seattle PHP Meetup

SugarCRM Relationships 101

I'm going through the Relationships 101 tutorial for SugarCRM. First Comment: Why keep database metadata in code?  It's better in SQL, but if you're going to get away from the source, why not something better, like YAML?  Better still to discover and cache, but something like this: table: cases_opportunities - fields: - name: id   … Continue reading SugarCRM Relationships 101

Freelance testing and marketing yourself

I posted on Craigslist this morning: I'm a freelance tester. I specialize in test automation with open source tools: Selenium, Watir, JUnit, TestNG, PHP, Ruby, Webrat, RSpec, Cukes, Hudson, Cruise Control, Ant, Maven I believe in getting the job done. I can do all of the following: * set up a web test environment (Linux, … Continue reading Freelance testing and marketing yourself