The death of Selenium?

I'm trying to be hyperbolic today. So I've been spinning my wheels trying to get Firefox 3 to work with Selenium.  But why not use Selenium with IE or a custom browser or Firefox with a custom profile? Well, because Selenium doesn't work with IE8.  Although IE8 does allow you permanently add self-signed certs.  It … Continue reading The death of Selenium?


Firefox 3 handling of SSL Certs is broken

There must be a million posts on the internet (and no doubt some scrawled in frustration on bathroom walls) about Firefox 3 and it's broken handling of SSL certificates. Commentary  is as numerous as complaints.  Though there's little in the way of action.,289142,sid14_gci1326622,00.html In particular, self-signed certificates have … Continue reading Firefox 3 handling of SSL Certs is broken