On being a toolsmith with Matt Doar

I'm looking to learn from people with related careers who have succeeded, either as an independent consultant or with a startup. One such person is Matt Doar, a "toolsmith" and author of the book Practical Development Environments which I highly recommend.  Also check out his blog at toolsmiths.blogspot.com Here is Matt's story: My background is … Continue reading On being a toolsmith with Matt Doar


My projects

So I'm cleaning up my webspace a little and realized I've actually got quite a few projects I'm working on.  Here's a list: One Shore - my business website (freelance testing an development) QA Site - hosted software testing tools, automation, and test deployments Taskboard - agile project management application Like Minds - "there's more … Continue reading My projects

static logging class for Code Igniter

Here's a little time waster that makes logging a bit more pleasurable in Code Igniter: /** * Log class to enable logging directly to a level * * static examples: * * Log::info('message'); * Log::write('message', 'error'); * Log::write('message'); // default level is 'ERROR' * Log::setDefaultLevel('info'); * * instance examples: * * $log = new Log(); … Continue reading static logging class for Code Igniter