Defining multiple RemoteObjects in MXML

Is it possible to define multiple RemoteObjects in MXML? For instance: //amf_tests.mxml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <mx:Application xmlns:mx="" layout="absolute" creationComplete="init()"> <mx:Script> <![CDATA[ import mx.collections.ArrayCollection; import; import mx.controls.Alert; [Bindable] private var serviceTypes:Object; // the remote object service names and instances [Bindable] private var ro:RemoteObject; // the selected service private function init() { serviceTypes = { amfphp: … Continue reading Defining multiple RemoteObjects in MXML


Defining a RemoteObject in ActionScript without -services compiler flag

I ran across a problem today trying to define a RemoteObject (mx.rpc.remoting.mxml.RemoteObject) in ActionScript instead of a services-config.xml file. It seems like it would be fairly straightforward var myRo:RemoteObject = new RemoteObject(); myRo.source = "amf_tests.HelloWorld"; myRo.destination = "amfphp"; myRo.endpoint = "/amfphp/gateway.php"; but, alas, I found that endpoint isn't a property, though it looks like it … Continue reading Defining a RemoteObject in ActionScript without -services compiler flag

Actionscript collections

This guy implemented HashMap among other things.  Looks like you just have to cut and paste the listings to get it. The real problem is, you should be able to iterate over an associative array and get it's values using array syntax.  I don't want to call HashMap.put(key, object) and HashMap.get(key) every time.  I … Continue reading Actionscript collections

moccasin – flex graphical framework

Moccasin looks very interesting for Taskboard.  Move, resize, and undo are built into the framework: Excerpted from this description by the author of moccasin, Joe Berkovitz: Moccasin is not a “thin” framework that encapsulates a set of recommended practices like Cairngorm. It’s more of a “thick” framework. Moccasin is aimed at building a particular type … Continue reading moccasin – flex graphical framework

flex mvc frameworks

There's probably already more than enough commentary out there about Flex MVC frameworks.  Instead of adding my limited knowledge to the noise, I'll link to other discussions. a good primer discussion of several different frameworks and their basic design decisions.  Includes PureMVC, Cairngorm, Mate, Penne, Swiz, easyMVC, Guasax, Model-Glue Flex, & Ruboss. compares … Continue reading flex mvc frameworks

serverside communication in Flex

The basic web service components are HTTPService and WebService. HTTPService is roughly analogous to XMLHTTPRequest in AJAX/DHTML.  It sends plain text, but is typically used to return XML data from REST-like requests (simple HTTP GET/POST, etc.) WebService is used for SOAP-style RPC access. Adobe has Livecycle Data Services (LCDS) and BlazeDS for remoting . LCDS … Continue reading serverside communication in Flex

Taskboard 0.1

After some frustrating false starts and blind alleys, I can finally announce Taskboard 0.1 is complete. It's really just a prototype, but it has the basic functionality. Now that Iteration 1 is done (sortof), I can move on to Iteration 0. Here's the swf: and here the repository at revision 38:!svn/bc/38/taskboard_mxml/ I still … Continue reading Taskboard 0.1

Flex, PHP, and WebORB business model

I was looking at WebORB, which is a Flex remoting framework, but I noticed there were no docs, not even for installation. I believe you can get documentation (or at least "support") if you purchase a subscription.  Their "knowledgebase" consists of a FAQ which is really just a bunch bogus questions that basically say "should … Continue reading Flex, PHP, and WebORB business model