Do iteration 1 first

Sounds like a truism, right? But not if you do an iteration 0, as I advocated previously. "Iteration 0" is often used to build up the development environment, choose an architecture, do planning, and general preparatory work.  It's a good thing, and can save you tons of time later.  It's best summed up in the … Continue reading Do iteration 1 first


Using FlexBuilder and Sprouts together

I decided to try to create a Sprouts project over top of my existing FlexBuilder project; the purpose being to use the test generators and framework that comes with Sprouts. First, I opened a shell and went to my FlexBuilder workspace directory:     cd c:\dev\flex\FlexBuilder\workspace I found my workspace location by right-clicking on my FlexBuilder … Continue reading Using FlexBuilder and Sprouts together

Links: Unit Testing and Continous Integration with Flex and AsUnit

Just a bunch of links to tutorials on using AsUnit and continuous integration with Flex Projects: A post on AsUnit by one of it's creators,  Luke Baye's: An example of a simple TestRunner mxml (AS2): Luke's post on continous integration: A good tutorial about using AsUnit (but with only a Flash testRunner): … Continue reading Links: Unit Testing and Continous Integration with Flex and AsUnit

Book Review: Java Power Tools

I cannot recommend this book too highly. Java Power Tools, by John Ferguson Smart and published by O'Reilly is almost exactly the book I would have written, had I the capability.  It contains descriptions and examples using almost every tool I know of (and many I didn't) for ensuring code quality.  It talks through the … Continue reading Book Review: Java Power Tools

Using Sprouts with an existing project

I still don't understand how to use sprouts with an existing project.  Not without a lot of work, that is. I'm thinking now of using rake to create a build script (which could then use the sprouts rake tasks in my own rakefile)  Perhaps I'm trying to think of it it as a monolithic solution.  … Continue reading Using Sprouts with an existing project