At nerd camp

My wife got an email from Nate's wife with a picture of me at the Flex Bugquash.   Thankfully, without an identifying caption. That's my rickety old Gateway laptop  sporting Windows Vista.  I think one other person there had an HP with Windows, but otherwise it was wall to wall Macbooks.  Unfortunately, that meant I spent … Continue reading At nerd camp


Using Flash 10 debug projector in Flexbuilder 3.3

Here's how I set up Flexbuilder 3.3 to use the flashplayer_10_sa_debug.exe. (I still haven't figured out how to get it to launch full screen, and you may need a commercial app that wraps projector to do that -- though it's probably possible with the open sourcing.) Download the debug standalone flashplayer 10 here: or … Continue reading Using Flash 10 debug projector in Flexbuilder 3.3

Flexbuilder and SVN

I almost thought I had something there.  Here's what I did: Attempted to install subversive from: Got the following error message: Subversive SVN JDT Ignore Extensions (Optional) (Incubation) (0.7.7.I20090224-1900) requires plug-in "org.eclipse.jdt.core". Installed Java Development Tools from Eclipse software updates: Europa Discovery Site Java Development Eclipse Java Development Tools 3.3.2r33x_r20080129-.. This hung while using … Continue reading Flexbuilder and SVN

My first Flex bug

I just logged my first bug against Flex: I'm not sure if it's actually a problem with the compiler or with FlexBuilder.  My guess is that a compiler bug is not properly handled by the UI -- which makes it hard for me to track down, since the UI problem may be masking the … Continue reading My first Flex bug

Iteration Zero

I read this post today about "iteration zero."  It's a pattern I recognize well. In fact I've been going through a lot of iteration zeros lately.  I think the preliminary work, including team selection, tool choice and setup, development environment installation, build and test process, etc., can be a significant factor in the success of … Continue reading Iteration Zero


ColdScripts is a good site with links, summaries, and rating for a bunch of PHP applications and frameworks. It has a few discrepancies and outdated listings, like WACT and Ambivalence for MVC frameworks (but, hey I still use Ambivalence for  That's how I found it, after migrating Klamathsytems off of Westhost to share the … Continue reading Coldscripts

Using Watir in .NET

Here's an interesting link about using Watir to test .NET (also includes some other contenders:

Give it away

I originally posted this as a comment under the 37 signals blog post How did the web lose faith in charging for stuff. If you don't have something of real worth, or aren't willing to work hard to get your customers, or don't have the skill to compete head to head in the market, then … Continue reading Give it away

Project Foxfish

The last few days I took a diversion from my normal work to help out a worthy cause -- my wife!  But she's helping out an even worthier cause -- OSSO. OSSO is the Orphanage Support Services Organization, a nonprofit group that sends volunteers, supplies, and money to help orphans in Ecuador.  Before we were … Continue reading Project Foxfish

SVN repository browsers

ViewVC Creator: Platform: Python License: open source (custom) I've installed ViewVC, and while it can be tricky to integrate, standalone it's a snap.  It's not the best viewer out there though, and my main complaint is that it seems a bit slow. Fisheye Creator: Atlassian Platform: Java servlet License: commercial Fisheye is nice, but I … Continue reading SVN repository browsers