Installing PDT 2.0 on Eclipse 3.4.1 Ganymede

I haven’t had much luck installing PDT on Eclipse lately.   I’ve been getting an error when I try to install from the PDT site on Zend:

Cannot complete the request.  See the details.
PDT SDK Feature will be ignored because it is already installed.
Cannot find a solution satisfying the following requirements Match[requiredCapability: org.eclipse.equinox.p2.iu/org.eclipse.swt/[3.4.0.v3448f,3.4.0.v3448f]].

Here’ s the original links from eclipse and zend:

And here’s the zend update site:

This seems to only have the debugger?

Here’s a few links that seem to be helpful:

The above has out of date links, since the DLTK, there is out of date, and the current one is installed in 3.4.1

This page helps, with a link (again) to an old DLTK:

but it has a vital link to the actual PDT update site:

Also note the clue in the screenshot to only check the SDK, not the Runtime

It also has a link to the supposed correct dependencies:

The debugger still won’t install, and my guess is that it should have a dependency on




I also tried downloading the all in one and copying everything from features and plugins that started with org.zend.* to my eclipse install.