Installing PDT 2.0 on Eclipse 3.4.1 Ganymede

I haven't had much luck installing PDT on Eclipse lately.   I've been getting an error when I try to install from the PDT site on Zend: Cannot complete the request.  See the details. PDT SDK Feature will be ignored because it is already installed. Cannot find a solution satisfying the following requirements Match[requiredCapability: org.eclipse.equinox.p2.iu/org.eclipse.swt/[3.4.0.v3448f,3.4.0.v3448f]]. Here' … Continue reading Installing PDT 2.0 on Eclipse 3.4.1 Ganymede


pretty URLs in twiki

TWiki normally has long (somewhat ugly) urls like this: In order to make them look like this: change your twiki.conf file to look like the following: ScriptAlias /wiki/bin/         "/var/www/twiki/bin/" RewriteEngine on RedirectMatch ^/wiki/bin/view/(.*) /wiki/$1 [L] Alias /wiki/pub "/var/www/twiki/pub" Alias /wiki "/var/www/twiki/bin/view" Note that the paths used above (such as /var/www/twiki) are dependant on … Continue reading pretty URLs in twiki

Bellevue Technology Entrepreneurs Club

I'm thinking of starting a tech entrepeneurship club.  There are already some tech groups in Seattle, but I'd like to start an informal group on the eastside, heavy on the tech.   The focus being that tech entrepreneurs can get together and talk about what works for them and what doesn't.  I'd hope to attract three … Continue reading Bellevue Technology Entrepreneurs Club

open source social networking applications

Ning is hosted, not really open source Dolphin seems to be popular and featureful Elgg has a loyal and dedicated userbase lovdbyless claims it's built using Ruby on Rails

javascript spam prevention

Here's a basic javascript-only spam prevention technique. The only thing fancy is breaking up the words so, for example 'mailto' isn't a keyword. One thing it lacks is updating the status bar on mouseover. <html> <head> <style>     .m2 { color: blue; text-decoration: underline } </style> <script>     function m2(element, user, host, subject, body)     … Continue reading javascript spam prevention

Silverstripe spam prevention

Anyone who's ever done it knows:  don't post your email address on the web. It's a sad state, but the internet is so innundated with spam, that if you post an email address virtually anywhere, no matter how remote, the spambots will probably find it. Just like google, spammers search the internet, but they're not … Continue reading Silverstripe spam prevention

two page-based testing frameworks for watir

My last post started with this title, but since the exposition at the start started to get long, I broke it off.  So here's the rest, in a significantly sillier vein: Watir is written in Ruby, and everyone except Matz  discovered Ruby because of a Danish graphic designer named Why, commonly known by his street … Continue reading two page-based testing frameworks for watir

Page Based Testing

If you've used selenium, watir or some other web automation framework you're probably familiar with the record and playback style of test automation: type this click that verify something It isn't very context aware, and you can get lost in the details.  You practically have to execute it (or read the comments) to find out … Continue reading Page Based Testing

Falsely Responsible

Here's a great blog post about testers being falsely responsible for a software release. It's a situation I've seen countless times.  Everyone is breathing down QA's neck -- "Is it ready to ship?" Is it really our decision to make?  If I am to be held responsible for the product's possible failure, shouldn't I be … Continue reading Falsely Responsible

Test first development isn’t testing

Test first development isn't testing.  It's development.  It's prep work for a developer.  It doesn't test anything.  And as a matter of fact, if you could write tests first that work without testing before running them, you're probably a perfect coder, and writing tests would be superfluous. Now, running a test after the code is … Continue reading Test first development isn’t testing