What can’t be copied

Reading Beyond Free by Kevin Kelly. I'm about to start up my software testing business, One Shore (though I'm not entirely happy with the name, perhaps the wrong connotation), and I'm looking to learn about starting a business, trying to find the right angle, the right plan, the right market. I'm pretty sure a QA … Continue reading What can’t be copied


Silverstripe CMS – good at what it does

I tried out Silverstripe, a new CMS that is getting a lot of buzz, mostly because it was used by the 2008 Democrat Convention, definitely a high profile site. While I'm impressed with it's usabilily and polish, I don't think I'll be using it. It's a good product for what it does, but I think … Continue reading Silverstripe CMS – good at what it does

The many ways of OOP in perl

Recently I've been dazzled by the diversity of half-baked object systems available  (or required if you're going to use much in CPAN or a framework) in Perl, from Moose to Mouse to Mousse (no wait, that's not it)  to  Class::InsideOut -- when really all I want is automatic accessors and constructor inheritance (okay, and maybe … Continue reading The many ways of OOP in perl

architectural waffling as a way of avoiding getting things done

And classes are much easier in python than perl, if a bit less flexible. In this case "only one way" definitely beats "TMTOWTDI".  Mixins and dynamic method loading (a la) Ruby would be nice too though... While mod_perl is the reason to use perl, what is the reason to use mod_perl? Performance and flexibility. But … Continue reading architectural waffling as a way of avoiding getting things done

python and XML

markup.py does approximately what XML::Generator does, but in an easier (simpler) way. I still prefer SimpleXML or almost even Castor or XMLBeans. Markup may not be good enough for building RESTful web services, but I'm toying with switching the prototype ShoppingList web service over to python --just for fun. Building (and iterating) through complex hierarchies … Continue reading python and XML

Trouchelle PPM repository

Here's the correct URL for trouchelle PPM repository. http://trouchelle.com/perl/ppmrepview.pl Note, they don't carry anything that theoryx5.uwinnipeg.ca/ppms does. So add them both to your Activestate PPM repo list ppm repo add http://trouchelle.com/perl/ppmrepview.pl ppm repo add http://theoryx5.uwinnipeg.ca/ppms

Java doesn’t inherit accessors?

Call me an idiot, but what good is java inheritance if it can't even inherit accessors. Does that mean that you can't inherit any methods or properties? Maybe I just don't know how to do it, but I'm suspicious the answer will be somewhere between "you shouldn't do that" and "why would you want to … Continue reading Java doesn’t inherit accessors?

Object Oriented Perl and OOP Frameworks

My first real understanding of Object Oriented Perl was reading "Perl Testing: A Developer's Notebook" which shows some simple basics, but doesn't really cover things that can get tricky like nested and multiple inheritance. Recently, I've been looking a little closer, rereading perlobj, perltoot,perltooc, perlboot, and Learning Perl (chapter 11.) I've been looking at a … Continue reading Object Oriented Perl and OOP Frameworks