Same name, similar complaint

I "googled" myself today to see how hard I am to find on the internet.  Turns out to be pretty hard.  There are a lot of "Aaron Evans"es out there, and I'm none of the ones on the first 10 pages of search results.  My "One Shore" blog is there, and my SiliconIndia profile, but … Continue reading Same name, similar complaint


Another sailing dreamer

I read a book called "At the Mercy of the Sea" by John Kretschmer, and liked the book so much I decided to look up the author on the internet.  One of the first things I found was a blog by another sailor named John Lichty, who had sailed with him.  We've emailed back and … Continue reading Another sailing dreamer

I'm building a site for sailors to host their own travel logs, galleries, location maps, etc.  It'll have a kind of social network, but the main idea is free hosting for sailors and sailing groups. I'll start with a collection of links to existing sailing blogs and sites. So if you have (or know of) … Continue reading


I found this post about Kohana, a fork of CodeIgniter, that makes good use of Zend Framework components. Looks like it might be my new favorite PHP framework, and I'm looking for a framework to use on a new project, Agavi, itself a fork of Mojavi (an apparently defunct framework which is used internally … Continue reading Kohana

Herculean Group

Herculean Group is an open source team I've started along with David Whitehurst of Cape Henry Technologies. We're still working out the details, but the idea is to build a team around development tools and related processes, with an eye towards refining the techniques of distributed development, deployments, testing, planning and project management, using open … Continue reading Herculean Group

The Plan

Here's an email I sent to David Whitehurst a few weeks ago. We're working together on an open source project at Work from home is definitely the goal. Or rather "remotely" -- especially if it can be done from the boat with a satellite connection midway between Ecuador and Fiji; but at a dock … Continue reading The Plan


Found this after posting about versioned documents in databases.  While the earlier post shows it's doable, it doesn't seem optimal.  CouchDB seems like it's looking for the same solution. First off, it's written in erlang.  That's not a showstopper, but it's odd.  Maybe it's something erlang can do that nothing else can.  Still, an odd … Continue reading CouchDB

Seven Cities of Gold

I had a chat with my brother today.  He's in the army in Iraq.  He was waxing nostalgic, apparently, and looking on eBay at Commodore 128 computer for sale.  He'd also identified a Seven Cities of Gold disk, and wanted to play it.  I told him I'd seen it on an emulator, and proceeded to … Continue reading Seven Cities of Gold

A great entity map for content

I was reading the following article on Why ActiveRecord Sucks, which I agree with mostly, but what really stood out to me was the example schema mapping content for a CMS. I've often been frustrated by things like versioning and attributes for complex content types stored in a database, and my best solution stores references … Continue reading A great entity map for content

The dangers of self-validation

I just got a comment from a stranger on an old rant of mine.  The man is apparently a genius, because it was complimentary.  While of course I think I'm right, it's dangerous, heady stuff for someone to agree with me. Anyway, he's got an interesting blog at that I'll be following, mostly because … Continue reading The dangers of self-validation