Process Explorer = lsof for Windows

I'm messing around with Sprout still, and looking onto windows compatability. win32-open3 0.2.5 is required for sprout, but the latest is win32-open3 0.2.6 The main difference I see in the changelog is: Fixed RubyForge bug #20455 (closed IO stream) [by the way, is there anyway to search Rubyforge for a bug by ID?] So I'm … Continue reading Process Explorer = lsof for Windows


Defects and Tickets

In the spirit of clarity/specificity in naming, and because I just had a conversation at work about this, I thought I'd write about it here. A defect (or feature) describes the system. A ticket (or task) describes work to be done on the system. There is a tendency to conflate the two, and try to … Continue reading Defects and Tickets

More on Sprouts

I've been looking a little closer at Sprouts, and think I have a bit better handle on what it is and what it does. After reading through all the links and associated comments in my previous post, and particularly the Sprouts RDocs helped. As with many things that seem more complex than they are, part … Continue reading More on Sprouts


Sprouts looks interesting Sprouts is an open-source, cross-platform project generation and configuration tool for ActionScript 2, ActionScript 3, Adobe AIR and Flex projects. So it looks like it uses Ruby (and Gem) to set up a project like Rails and resolve dependencies a la Maven (but Ivy might be a better comparision), and provides some … Continue reading Sprouts


Retrospectiva is another bug tracking / project management tool. It's got an intersting approach that I'm interested in. From their home page: Retrospectiva is an open source, web-based, project management and bug-tracking tool. It is intended to assist the collaborative aspect of work carried out by software development teams through the use of blogs, a … Continue reading Retrospectiva