Release philosophies

There are two different philosophical approaches to when a release should occur. 1) Release when featureset X is complete 2) Release at time Y Agile literature talks about turning the “normal” develpment process on it’s head by cutting features to meet timeframe. But in reality, time is always the deciding variable (as anyone who has … Continue reading Release philosophies


Configuring an Apache VirtualHost to use Tomcat

I was talking to a friend who asked about configuring an Apache virtual host to use Tomcat. I have Apache httpd 2.2.8 running on port 80 and tomcat 5.5.26 running on port 8080 on Windows XP Pro. So the following worked for me: http://server/ <-- handled by Apache http://server:8080/ <-- handled by Tomcat At first, … Continue reading Configuring an Apache VirtualHost to use Tomcat


I got some spam the other day from someone asking to join their network on a social networking site. So I deleted it. It wasn't Facebook or MySpace or LinkedIn, it was a site called Silicon India. I got some more spam and eventually curiousity got me and I looked at the site. It looked … Continue reading SiliconIndia

Why open source businesses succeed

There have been a lot of spectacular open source business successes.  MySQL and JBoss come to mind as recent enormous payoffs through acquisition, but there are plenty of others that get less press.  Sun and Redhat themselves are huge open source drivers. Just like anything else, I'm sure there are plenty of open source failures, … Continue reading Why open source businesses succeed

Running a business vs. building a business to sell

Saturday morning I sat down and wrote a rambling user story with a bunch of aside comments for QA Site / Fluffy. The I spend the rest of the weekend studying the literature of Agile/Scrum/XP and user stories. But in between, I called my first draft user story iteration 1, and did a little personal … Continue reading Running a business vs. building a business to sell

User Stories

I really like this formulation from Mike Cohn's blog: As a <type of user>, I want <some goal> so that <some reason>. It's a great way to formulate a requirement.  But I don't like the name "user story" as applied to it.  Why?  Because it's not a story.  It's one plot point in a story.  … Continue reading User Stories

Flex component reference

I found this via an article on  It's a Flex appliaction that provides a reference to Flex components.  Very handy.  I'm working on testing tools for flex and experimenting with the framework.  I call this project "fluffy".  I was going to try to create a QA site dashboard in Flex, but I'm having trouble … Continue reading Flex component reference

More on Canoo Web Test and other tools

My last post drew a hostile comment by Marc Guillemot, one of the committers to Canoo Web Test and HTMLUnit.  I may have made some errors, but I am not aware of them.  I think he may have been confused that I mentioned HTMLUnit uses HTTPClient, and assumed I meant that HTTPClient has all the … Continue reading More on Canoo Web Test and other tools

two ways to automate web testing

There are two ways to automate web testing.   The goal is to test the functionality of a web application.  One way is to write automation that drives a browser.   The second is to use a library that imitates a browser session and communicate directly with the server. Tools that use the first method include open … Continue reading two ways to automate web testing

Code Coverage tools

Some code coverage (unit test coverage) tools: EMMA - open source Cobertura - open source Clover - Atlassian Hansel & Gretel - only found info on an IBM developerworks article Quilt - open source Jester - open source Jester takes a very interesting approach. It actually changes to code and then sees if your tests … Continue reading Code Coverage tools