I'm just writing to mention a new project I'm working on, "Fluffy".  It's a research project looking at Flex, Flash, ActionScript, etc.  and looking at testing tools and strategies. I set up a Fluffy QA site with all the regular tools: subversion, bugzilla, projectpier, trac with  blogs, forum, and wiki. I'm using a wordpress-mu blog … Continue reading Fluffy


There’s no paper left in Fort Knox

Once upon a time, money was backed by gold.  Then a conspiracy of international Jews (Warburgs, Rothschilds, etc.) and Oil, Steel, and Railroad barons (Harriman, Morgan, Rockefeller, etc.) took it all away and created the fractional reserve system which the major banks used government bonds to generate IOUs which they borrowed against to get more … Continue reading There’s no paper left in Fort Knox

looking for webmail app recommendations

I've tried a lot of webmail apps out there. Among the list off the top of my head that I'm hosted are: Squirrelmail Neomail Roundcube Imp I'm currently using Imp on klamathsystems.com and associated domains, specifically for it's filtering. I'd used procmail filters with Neomail, but it didn't always play nice with my other mailboxes. … Continue reading looking for webmail app recommendations


A developer taught me about an interesting tool I never know about. jconsole is a gui app that comes with the JVM that can monitor memory usage of your java applications, threads, classes, and mbeans. By invoking your JVM with the following flags you can get all kinds of interesting information from %JAVA_HOME%/bin/jconsole.exe -Dcom.sun.management.jmxremote.ssl=false -Dcom.sun.management.jmxremote.authenticate=false

Test Management

A well organized article on IBM developerworks about test management: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/rational/library/06/1107_davis/ The takeway I like is: Testing tasks: Organization Planning Authoring Executing Reporting Really not that specific to testing, but helpful to think about when "planning" or "managing" or whatever it is you call it. I don't know if I endorse the conclusions or descriptions … Continue reading Test Management

eval() and other golden hammers

Using STIQ test can be frustrating.  Especially when it uses a bastardized selenium stored in an undocumented wiki format (the only thing you're supposed to need to know is that a table is three pipe '|' characters with one space before or after any content characters, or only one space if their are no characters … Continue reading eval() and other golden hammers

Browser tools for automation

Since I'm using Selenium (via STIQ) at my job these days, I've found a few tools that are priceless for web automation. The latest of these I've discovered is xpather. It is a firefox plugin that allows you to highlight any text on a page and see a (not 'the') xpath query to that element. … Continue reading Browser tools for automation

Been a while

Since coming back to the USA from Ecuador, I haven't had much opportunity to work on One Shore, QA Site, or any other projects. I hope that will change soon. I've been busy, well, moving back to the USA from Ecuador. Getting a job, finding a place to live, shopping for a boat, traveling back … Continue reading Been a while