and looking for work

After a month, I should be in pretty good shape, if I haven't taken a job already if the pay and position is right.  I think I'd really like to help build a new and growing QA department up.  I don't really have any management experience, but I've found in the last six months that … Continue reading and looking for work


Back in the U.S.A.

Up for 20 hours traveling from Quito to Seattle.  Dinner at a Las Marguerita's Mexican restaurant with Kelsey's dad and family.  Eden beating on me all through dinner, with my back killing me from traveling and moving and already in bad shape for a week before then.  Picked up Caelin after dinner and then to … Continue reading Back in the U.S.A.

I’m going home

Today is (probably) the last day I'll have internet in Ecuador. TV Cable should be coming to get the antenna and modem any time now. So I'll be incommunicado until Wednesday, when I'll be back in Seattle. I don't know if I'd really call it home, but it's home for Kelsey. She's been pretty sick … Continue reading I’m going home

Testing tutorials to write

Here are the testing tutorials I'm going to work on: Selenium Fit & Fitnesse Watir Customizing Bugzilla Bugzilla features: web services and email_in TestNG vs. Junit PHP SimpleTest Perl Test::Class & WWW::Mechanize Test Planning, Test Cases & Defects

CMS that use a repository instead of database for content

For instance, this post is to list (and solicit additions) CMSes that use a version control repository (or at least RCS files) instead of a database: The first one I've found is DaizuCMS Daizu CMS looks to be a one-man project in the early stages.  It doesn't even have a UI (which may actually be … Continue reading CMS that use a repository instead of database for content

Blogs as bookmark tools

One of the reasons I (and I'm sure others) use a blog is to talk about a product and put a link to it so we can find it again later.  So in affect, I'm using my blog as a bookmark too (with summaries.)  Many popular blogs (like slashdot) are geared towards that.  In fact, … Continue reading Blogs as bookmark tools

The trouble with ORM frameworks

I won't go into too much detail here, but learning a new syntax to have less of the expressiveness of SQL isn't my cup of tea.  Sure you can go down to SQL on them, but why not just include select statements in your HTML template if you get to that. They're too heavyweight for … Continue reading The trouble with ORM frameworks

The trouble with Blogs, Wikis, and Forums

There are a lot of great tools out there for blogging, wikis, and forums. Some of them even look nice and are (somewhat) friendly to use. I like wordpress, I like blogger, I like phpBB (except for the appearance), punBB, and others forum tools. I like wikis quite a lot. I've tried a lot of … Continue reading The trouble with Blogs, Wikis, and Forums

The trouble with CMS frameworks

My last post was about the trouble with MVC frameworks, in my view, which briefly is: Multiple action handling Component/Template processing (related to the above) Front controller/Back controller, helpers and the associated bloat or complexity and code duplication. I noted that CMS frameworks attempt to handle some of this, most especially the component/template paradigm -- … Continue reading The trouble with CMS frameworks

The trouble with MVC frameworks

Here's the problem I have with so-called Model-View-Controller frameworks like Rails. They seem geared towards a single application per implementation. What do you do with a request that wants to work with multiple components? Or perform multiple actions. Then a REST-style request such as http://my-site/component/actionX?params=123 falls flat on it's face, because you've either got a … Continue reading The trouble with MVC frameworks