I'm starting work on a new site with my new partner, Patricio, a web developer.  He has his own business and web site,, which shows he has some design talent.  He's experienced with PHP and Joomla. The site is called  It aims to be a resource connecting visitors to Cuenca with local people … Continue reading



"He has the knowin and the doin of a lot of things." That's what made the short guy on Mad Max beyond thunderdome valuable.  Masterblaster was also the name of my parents' Thanksgiving turkey. But it's the "knowin" and the "doin" that are valuable.  And since I've been evaluating a lot of project management applications … Continue reading Masterblaster


Kelsey has been quilting and watching Monk on her computer.  It's a show we both like.  I relate, of course to Adrian, because of my neuroses and admit to being "a little bit Monk."  Kelsey said "alot."  But I also realized, apart from being a germ freak, I share another neurosis with a fictional character.  … Continue reading Monk and the web 2.0 me

I've gone web 2.0! I signed up for and intend to use it. Look for my exciting links under "fijiaaron". My bookmarks have gotten out of control, and the firefox plugin should make it fairly painless. (I'll just have to remember to browse with Firefox instead of Seamonkey.) Along with a blog and basecamp, … Continue reading and the web 2.0 me


Yesterday Kelsey made a list of "101 things to do in 1001 days." Apparently this is a phenomenon (fad) that is sweeping the blogosphere of ordinary folks (non-nerds, tech or political.) I'm pretty excited about some things on her list, especially #9 and #18 because they involve me (I hope.) In the process of coming … Continue reading TODO

bought new computer ebooks PHP in Action & Zend Framework

Based on the strength of a review on slashdot, I bought the book "PHP in Action" by Dagfinn Reiersøl with Marcus Baker and Chris Shiflett published by Manning.  I also bought (in a two-fer) "Zend Framework in Action" by Rob Allen, Nick Lo, Steven Brown from Manning.  I'll let you know what I think of … Continue reading bought new computer ebooks PHP in Action & Zend Framework

Find the city for you with google.

Kelsey filled out one of those silly lists. You know, if you were an animal, what would you be? (She had the only sensible answer I've ever heard to that one -- a foxfish.) The cool part is the way she picked the city. Type in four words to describe yourself, the last one being … Continue reading Find the city for you with google.

Perl Testing & Safari Bookshelf

Perl Testing has been a great book.  I felt like I knew more after reading chapter 1.  And that's practical knowledge.  I'm through with Chapter 4 already, and while that one isn't the most interesting to me (testing Pods, Distributions, Tests, etc.), it contains information I'll want when I'm writing CPAN modules (probably never) -- … Continue reading Perl Testing & Safari Bookshelf

Microfiction and Perl Testing

I was looking for information on writing tests in perl for Bugzilla, since I'm working on developing for it, and I came across chromatic's web site. "Chromatic" is the pseudonym of a Perl hacker who co-wrote the book "Perl Testing" and apparently also writes fiction. His website includes a "microfiction" section which seems to generate … Continue reading Microfiction and Perl Testing


I once wanted to be a writer.  I wanted to write short stories and science fiction.  My two writing heros were Roger Zelazny and Ernest Hemingway.  I also loved reading nonfiction history.  And I wanted to travel. I went into software QA.  I developed a passion for open source software.  It's been a pretty good … Continue reading Writing