This is a book I need to read

An African in Greenland Just like the title sounds.  An African decides to visit Greenland and lives among the Eskimos.  Mostly to find out about the character of the man who wrote it, and made the journey.

What Makes Rails Great

Here's a really good blog post by Jon Aquino.  The short answer:  It's directory structure.  The best part of his blog is the example Model/View/Controller in PHP showing the convention over configuration structure that looks very familiar, showing that Ruby isn't what makes Rails great.


Azul Systems

Azul Systems has a brilliant product that solves a major problem -- Java's slowness. They basically have a server appliance that has 24 or 48 cores on a single chip. Only it's not really a server appliance. It's a coprocessor. You configure your J2EE application server to point to the Azul Appliance as an external … Continue reading Azul Systems

Radiohead and Open Source

Bill Burke, of JBoss (now Redhat), has an interesting post on his blog about Radiohead's experimental release of their new album In Rainbows. They apparently bypassed the record label and offered the album directly on the internet, with no DRM. There is an "order form" where purchasers name the amount (in pounds & pence) they're … Continue reading Radiohead and Open Source

Selling QA

It's a tricky business, selling QA. Testing doesn't actually add anything to your product. It subtracts from it. It takes time and resources (read $$$), and what does it give you? I was going to say testing doesn't add anything, it takes away something: bugs. But that's not completely accurate either. It identifies potential bugs. … Continue reading Selling QA

Google Android

Android is Google's new Java mobile phone SDK. The idea is a common API and sort of cross compiler to be able to port to the variety of different mobile devices. It looks like they use a custom branch of the Apache OpenJDK fork, an eclipse plugin with mobile device simulator, and a tool that … Continue reading Google Android

Microwave Turkey & Tacos for Breakfast

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and we had a great one in Ecuador. I spent the morning futzing with my website design while Kelsey slaved away in the kitchen preparing the traditional American feast (Ecuadorian style.)  Before she got up, I had started some dough for bread, but I neglected it, while writing updates in my other … Continue reading Microwave Turkey & Tacos for Breakfast

Cuenca, Ecuador

On October 14th, we boarded the plane to Ecuador. We actually made it there that night. Four weeks, minus two days later, we've settled in to an apartment. Actually, we've been here two weeks, but decided yesterday to stay, since the house we wanted isn't done yet, and we hope to save on furniture. This … Continue reading Cuenca, Ecuador