Don’t forget

Tourism. Work to put websites up for lots of local businesses.  Promote hotels, restaurants, artists, shops, tours, and property.   Once I get income, I can experiment with real estate, and get a house in Cuenca, a house on the beach, and maybe a hotel or hostel.

One small leap

I was reading Gavin King's spec preview for web beans and started thinking, I should implement something like this in perl or php. Yeah, I know, crazy. I started thinking more about it. JBoss Seam has a lot of good points. But a lot of baggage that comes from Java frameworks. A lot of that … Continue reading One small leap


And another thing

I actually prefer a unit test to a type system hierarchy. That's the tester coming out for sure. If a foo can do something with a object of type bar or baz but not a quux, how do test that: class Foo { //... public Fooible get() { return lookupAndInstantiate("object_id"); } } class Bar implements … Continue reading And another thing

A simple junit rant

I'm going to make this very simple. My last junit rant (online -- I think on resulted in a nice email from Cedric Beust about this new thing he was working on called testNG. Oh how I wish I could use it at work. Luckily, that will be an option in 3 days, as … Continue reading A simple junit rant

Web hosting and Email VAR

I could enter the email hosting market right now if I know how. Maybe I should pass it off to or Maybe I should get Exchange running or I mean get a hosted Exchange and then be able to develop apps off of it.

43 things

Top three on the page when I visited: Travel the World Learn Spanish Drink More Water All three of those are high on my list (okay, I don't really want to drink more water, just less cokes.) So I must be keeping with the trend. I am so herd instinctive.


I need to limit my goals.  Last night's post was good, and I'm glad I reminded myself of the bigger picture this morning.  But the real trick will be learning to pace myself and see what I'm capable of.  I tend to bite off more than I can chew and not follow through.  It'd be … Continue reading Focus

Office Organization

I see several internal categories of customers applications are developed for, and often the mistake is made of building a product with the wrong user in mind (often management or business intelligence is stressed over accomplishing the work -- likely because these are the people with the purse strings.) An arbitrary set of categories: Strategic … Continue reading Office Organization

3 more

I will also look at three Open Source Applications I want to support. I'll concentrate on apps I can host or deploy and provide value-ad. Some potentials to investigate: OpenRealty SugarCRM OrangeHRM OFBiz OSCommerce / Zencart Compiere (ERP) Alfresco Software for hardware utilization: Asterisk (VOIP, PBX, Digium Cards) EWRT, Portless, etc. (WIFI Routers) NoCat (Wifi … Continue reading 3 more


So there are 4 days left at work. Then I'm on my own. If I want a boat, I'll do what it takes to get it. If I can. Now it's time to find out if I can and if I want it. Maybe what I really want is to run a restaurant/hotel in Ecuador. … Continue reading Threes