Boat Search Email

John- Tracy got my cc info taken care of.  What do we do to start?  I'll attach the questionaire and give you a summary of where we stand below.  Bear with me or skip to the questionaire. I have noted some boats on the internet, but like many new buyers, I'm not sure exactly what … Continue reading Boat Search Email


The search is on

I paid $300 to John Neal at to help me look for a boat. The main service I hope to get from him is to, for instance, say that an O'Day 37 is not a practical offshore boat. Next to that, finding a good surveyor, particularly if I find a good boat out of … Continue reading The search is on

Calixto Island

So, on a whim, I searched for "Calixto Island", the first adventure game we had for our TRS-80 16K CoCo. I was 7 years old. It used cassette tapes, including one I could wear my hands out playing, "Packet-Man." I found what looks like it, though possibly in Portugese, something called "CALIXTOP.PAK". I also found … Continue reading Calixto Island

Nobody expects the QA inquistion

Our primary area of focus in testing is usability. Usability and security. Security and usability. Our two main areas of focus are usability and security...and functionality... Our three areas of focus -- don't forget stability. Among our areas of focus -- Amongst our many areas of focus are included usability, stability, functionality, and security...and performance. … Continue reading Nobody expects the QA inquistion

Only 24%?!!!

Here's a quote from a Rasmussen poll about the boring Global Warming concerts covered (somewhat less than breathlessly by some poor former actress or model hosting it like a Macy's Thanksgiving day parade, who's over-made-up face was as slouchy as her body, looking vaguely like a wax statue of a Roman Senator reclining to dinner … Continue reading Only 24%?!!!

Back from honeymoon

It was great.  Loved Greece.  The views on Santorini, swimming in Ammoudi, the food, the cave pool in our room (1 night at 500 euros), renting a scooter on Naxos, the unfinished resort that we will complete and open someday,  seasickness on the ferry in rough seas due to high winds after opressive heat and … Continue reading Back from honeymoon