Weather not exactly what I expected

It was partly cloudy all day, upper 60s, great, until about 5pm it rained, a good pour, that ended quickly. I don't know if it rained early, but no sign of it at my house at 7am. Gusts of wind, but only one mishap setting up the small tent. Kelsey's legendary calling of the weather … Continue reading Weather not exactly what I expected


Anxious about the weather

Understandable.   I think we'll get a bit of a blow tonight, with heavy rain like this morning, but clearing up after 9am.  It will actually start to get warm by noon, but light winds from NW will begin blowing cool air and grey clouds.  We might get sprinkles throughout the afternoon, but I think it's … Continue reading Anxious about the weather

I’m getting married in two days

I have to pack up all my stuff and then throw most of it away.  Then I have to cram the rest of it into Kelsey's tiny shack (with a great view from the deck I built last summer.)   And I have to clean. And my family gets here today.  Luckily I'll have Monday and … Continue reading I’m getting married in two days

A Game

War - You can take the role of: An individual fighter (infantry, artillery, plane, etc.) A field commander (varying levels, directing troops,  ships, etc.) A commander (varying levels, strategy, directing attacks, supply, etc.) A diplomat (varying levels,  spy, ambassador, goverment, leader) A producer (factory, individual) It's like MMORPGs but it's really a strategy game welded … Continue reading A Game

The death of Physics I read this article today about a Physics teacher in England who is lamenting the state of education in their state (or is it a province?) While this stuff us usually a bit skewed to conservative cultural alarmism, a la Theodore Dalrymple, a kind of academic "uphill both ways in the snow" snobbery that … Continue reading The death of Physics

One more reason to hate the US Post Office

Of course you can't buy 2 cent stamps to use your old stamps now that the price has gone up.  But this is a new low.  I go to the stamp machine to buy new stamps, having given up on ever using my old ones (wasn't it only a few months ago they raised the … Continue reading One more reason to hate the US Post Office