Wedding website

A while ago, Kelsey created a website just for fun. She’s updated it and I guess it’s our official wedding headquarters.

I’m still a little sad that she took West Marine and Boater’s World off the gift registry list. But you can still buy me a GPS, SSB Radio, RIB tender (with 9.9HP 2 stroke outboard), fenders, chartplotter software and digital or paper charts, 1/2″ galvanized chain, a 50# CQR or 40# Danforth Anchor, sail repair kits, spare parts for a marine toilet, a gold plated manual bilge pump handle, any tools that I can use restoring an old boat, gallons of west system epoxy, teak decking, fishing gear, or a floating keychain.


Honeymoon in Greece

Kelsey booked tickets to Paris and Athens this morning. Her dad is treating us to a honeymoon in Greece, with three days in Paris. We leave June 20th and return July 3rd. I’m excited, grateful, unbelieving.

Of course I want to sail, but it’s probably too much stress for Kelsey on her honeymoon. She’d never sleep easy on an anchor in unknown waters, at least not yet. I like the idea of privacy and freedom to explore and avoid crowds, and it would actually probably cost less, but comfort and security win out.

Maybe we can do one or two nights. I hope she’ll at least let me hang out at marinas and maybe do a little shopping around for next time.


To whom? I don’t know. But this is my first post on a new blog, may it quickly fall by the wayside.

I started travel web logs on blogger at for when I went to Fiji and Ecuador.

I’d like to make notes on my business plans, observations and predictions about boring things like politics and the economy, comments on life in general, a record of my travels and thoughts, and provide links and brainstorming on the work I do.

If I actually do end up using this regularly, I might want to break it up or edit it, since that’s a pretty wide spectrum and while I can envision someone finding interest in some of it (e.g., family looking at travel photos or a potential employer looking at my thoughts on software testing) there’s probably a lot that no one wants to see (including myself) and probably parts I don’t want others to see (such as a client reading a political rambling, or potential investor reading some of my more hare-brained business ideas.)

Anyway, we’ll let that sort itself out later and rely on the anonymity of the internet for now. Chances are no one will ever look at it and I’ll stop posting before long.