Me and Kelsey went shopping at the mall yesterday evening.  She got strawberry sorbet and I got Mora.  Hers was better.  We also read a little from a book that she picked up at Borders in Coeur d'Elaine.  She's finding out new things about herself.

Memorial Day in Montana

Guess I can do something about that. I'll write something. We went to Montana for Memorial Day weekend. Friday I got home from work and Kelsey was stressing over some wedding photos that didn't come out as well as she'd have liked. It was pretty much the first time she used her new digital camera, … Continue reading Memorial Day in Montana


Haven’t written in a while

Wonder if this blog will go by the wayside. There really should be an easy way to post in WordPress without going to some "Admin" page.  If it can detect you are logged in and add "edit" links  to the page, it should be able to include "new post" link.  And I still don't like … Continue reading Haven’t written in a while

Electoral Issues

Here's a starter list of likely Electoral issues: Immigration (illegal aliens, amnesty, guest workers, H1-B visas, border security, etc.) War on terror (Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Philippines, Indonesia, etc.) Economy (Oil prices / housing bubble / inflation, etc.) Health care (free medical services or government funded insurance) Abortion/judicial appointments voting fraud (probably only … Continue reading Electoral Issues

Plans for Greece

First evening in Athens. Then fly or fast catamaran to Santorini. When we get bored there, work our way back on the ferries. Ios, Paros, Naxos, Mykonos, Tinos. I'm thinking Naxos or Tinos. I've already pre-judged Mykonos. It's packed with drunks, gays, and cruise ships and decorated with "authentically restored" imitation windmills. And Paros is … Continue reading Plans for Greece

More on Covenant Eyes

It's a great idea.  It is intrusive, but not restrictive.  I read that they are coming out with a blocker, which is probably good for some.  I would like to help out in this arena.  Maybe come up with a product of my own that works with Covenant Eyes or some other tool that helps … Continue reading More on Covenant Eyes

Kelsey’s nervous

She got a covenant eyes report that looks very incriminating.  But it's not.  I think she's okay now.  Covenant Eyes is an accountability report of what I browse on the internet.  It basically logs every site I went to and sends her an email with ratings of questionable URLs.   Things like mormon-sex.jpg (a scan of a … Continue reading Kelsey’s nervous