Selenium Jupiter for tests with less boilerplate code

Following on my recent discovery of Selenium Manager, I checked out another project by Boni Garcia called Selenium-Jupiter. It uses some advanced features of JUnit 5 (aka Junit-Jupiter) to make tests easier to write with less boilerplate code, part of that is using WebDriverManager to automatically instantiate WebDriver instances without downloading chromedriver, putting it in … Continue reading Selenium Jupiter for tests with less boilerplate code


Are companies getting worse at QA testing?

Melissa Perri posed this question on Twitter: Aaron Hodder had a great response on Linkedin: He talks about how companies are giving up on manual testing in favor of automation. Definitely worth the read. My response about the ramifications of automation vs manual testing (it doesn't have to be either / or): There … Continue reading Are companies getting worse at QA testing?

SeleniumManager (beta) released with Selenium 4.6.0

So I was working with WebDriverManager this morning and one thing led to another, and I ended up browsing the Selenium source repo (as one does) and saw some curious commits (like these): mark Selenium Manager implementations as beta fix the framework conditionals for Selenium Manager Add Selenium Manager support for Linux & Mac from … Continue reading SeleniumManager (beta) released with Selenium 4.6.0

Looking for a Tester with GoLang experience

I was just talking with a recruiter looking for a QA engineer with experience using Go programming language for testing. While Go is gaining popularity - especially among systems application developers (for example, Docker is written in Go) and for developing microservices, not a lot of testers have much experience with Go. That's because Go … Continue reading Looking for a Tester with GoLang experience

Tests need to fail

Greg Paskal on the "Craft of Testing" Youtube Channel, talks about the trap of "Going for Green" or writing tests with the aim of making sure they pass. He has some great points and I recommend the video. Here are my comments from watching his post: Two big differences I see with writing test automation … Continue reading Tests need to fail

VMWare Cloud Director Security Vulnerability

If you use VMWare vCloudDirector administration tool for managing your virtualization datacenter, you should be aware of the following vulnerability and patch your systems. "An authenticated, high privileged malicious actor with network access to the VMware Cloud Director tenant or provider may be able to exploit a remote code execution vulnerability to gain access to … Continue reading VMWare Cloud Director Security Vulnerability

Are you only interested in test automation?

"Are you only interested in test automation?" I was asked this question casually, and here is my (detailed) response: My opinion is that test automation serves 3 main purposes: 1. Help developers move faster by giving them rapid feedback as to whether their changes “broke” anything.2. Help testers move faster and find bugs better by … Continue reading Are you only interested in test automation?

Stop MacOS from rearranging virtual desktops

Yet another victory over MacOS!To stop MacOS from rearranging your virtual desktops (after you have them just the way you want them):Go to System Preferences > Mission ControlUncheck "Automatically rearrange Spaces based on most recent use" Thanks to: P.S. If virtual desktops (or "Spaces" as Apple calls them) are new to you: Press "F3" to … Continue reading Stop MacOS from rearranging virtual desktops

React.js feels like it was designed by AI

The popular web framework can be used to solve the problem of how to put text on a screen, but it’s almost like someone fed a machine the JavaScript specification and it iterated on a random sequence of code that parses until it hit on a result that creates an acceptable web page. React’s syntax … Continue reading React.js feels like it was designed by AI

Down the Rabbit Hole – coding challenge

I've been looking to level up my Javascript coding skills, and I came across this "mock" coding interview with Dan Abramov by Ben Awad. I got the first question right (sortof) which asked about the difference between var, let and, const in Javascript. Short answer: Variables declared with var are hoisted to the top of … Continue reading Down the Rabbit Hole – coding challenge